What is Vested?

Being vested in something means you have a personal interest in its success. We have an unstoppable, unruly personal interest in the success of humanity as a whole. We’re vested in its people, in its capacity to steer the wheel of transformational technology and solve the world’s most impending problems; not the first-world problems but the real, tangible conundrums facing 84% of the world’s population. This is where the emerging markets are.
That’s why we’re Vested in Emerging Markets and the success of its conscious tech entrepreneurs. That’s where the summit name was born


What is Conscious tech?

Any tech that is trying to solve a real-world problem. That is actually adding value to people’s lives.
Because we believe designing for the people is not the same as designing with the people. Because we need to fix the Earth before we can reach Mars

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

~William Gibson


El Gouna, Egypt


9-12 May 2018